PPE Safety Equipment: Reduce Risk at Work

Some environment that you work may be hazardous to your health. To safely perform your duties in such environments, you need to have clothing or equipment that will keep you safe from harmful substances. You might get injuries or infection. The protective gear and garment protect you against electrical, biohazards, physical, chemicals, heat, and airborne hazards. Keep in mind that protective clothing is essential in both job scenarios and sports.

PPE Safety Equipment is a type of clothing or equipment that is worn to protect yourself from environmental hazards. The clothing typically acts as a barrier to stop harmful substances from harming you.

Types of PPE Safety Equipment in Brisbane

PPE safety equipment Brisbane residents can use are divided into the following categories:


These types of equipment protect the user from inhaling harmful substances. Therefore, they protect the health of the respiratory tract.  Respirators are divided into two categories:

  • Filters: they filter out substances, e.g., chemicals, gases and particles found in the air that the users breathe. The mode of filtration can be active (powdered) or passive. Typical examples are gas masks and particulate respirators.
  • Those that provide clean and repairable air from other sources: these respirators are used in rooms where there is no adequate ventilation. Examples are airline respirators.

Skin protection

These types of equipment protect your skin from harmful substances that might lead to conditions such as skin cancer and work-related injuries. Such occupational hazards can be costly to manage.

Basically, these type off protects protect you from:

  • Chemicals when you touch contaminated surfaces, during immersions, splashes or aerosol deposits. Such conditions might lead to skin conditions.
  • Physical agents: exposure to some physical agents such as UV rays and extreme temperatures for a long time can damage your skin.
  • Mechanical trauma: the standard way this occurs is through friction, abrasions, pressure, lacerations and contusions
  • Biological agents: agents like parasites, microorganisms, plants and animals have a range of effects when exposed to the skin

Skin protection equipment includes different kinds of gloves, lab coats, and face shields.

Eye protection

Depending on where you work, your eyes are prone to injuries. Eye injuries usually occur when particles such as wood chips, metal slivers, broken glass, cement or sand get into the eye. Similarly, smoke or trauma from blunt objects, chemicals, thermal and biological agents can cause severe injuries to the eye. The best way to protect your eye from such substance is to wear goggles and face shields.

Hearing protection

Most people overlook noise, especially those working in industries. However, prolonged exposure to noise above 85 dBA for more than eight hours is a sure cause of occupational hearing loss. So workers in such industries must devise ways of avoiding such noises. Typically, the best approach is to reduce prolonged exposure or using earmuffs and earplugs.

Importance of PPE

PPE is essential for safety and efficiency at workplaces. Besides, it enables people to work responsibly. However, employers need to provide instructions, training, procedures, and supervisor to encourage safe working.

Note that some hazards are inescapable. This is in cases like breathing contaminated air, extremes temperatures, flying particles falling into the eye, injuries from falling objects, and skin corrosion from chemicals. Nonetheless, PPE safety equipment is essential in such cases to minimise the risk of adverse effects. IQS Solutions stock PPE safety gear in Brisbane. Contact them to get more information about their safety wear.