3 Ways You Can Practice Sustainability In Your Home

Sustainability is a much talked about topic today. Sustainable living doesn’t only mean doing something for the environment. It also means to protect our quality of our life and that of the lives of other animals living on the planet. We can make positive changes starting at home.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

People are talking about these three things for decades. We must reduce wastes. We can use cloth instead of disposable items or drink filtered water instead of bottled drinks. There are many ways we can reduce the waste we produce at home. We should start reusing items. For example, you want to replace your own tire. Instead of throwing away your old tire, you can reuse it as a planter for a raised garden. Instead of throwing things to the landfill, you can recycle them. This will reduce waste that accumulates.

Make informed buying decisions

The things that we buy can affect sustainability. For example, instead of buying any cleaners you can buy environment-friendly ones. Baking soda and white vinegar or lemon juice and salt are good cleaners, for example. You can buy clothes that are made from natural materials. You should know how the cloth is made and by whom. Even if your purchase becomes expensive, you should buy environment-friendly products.

Growing own food

You can start a community garden or plant tomato plants in your front yard. This small step will improve your health and quality of life. You will be more connected to the environment by growing your own food.

These small changes in our lives can help in developing a sustainable environment. It will have a positive impact on our lives and our societies.