Mining Exhaust Technology

Using the right ventilation strategies

It is necessary to use the right mining exhaust technology in mines, tunnels and quarries. Using high pressure axial fans can blow air into the ducts and into the tunnels. The use of proper technology is required to maintain the flow of air into the mine so it is easier to work.

Underground ventilation is crucial because it pertains to the health and safety of employees who work in underground conditions. The quality of air underground is poor and the atmosphere is somewhat contained. If the emissions produced during the mining process are not controlled on time it could lead to sever risks to the health of all those who work underground.

Gases are produced freely in the mind. Most of these are a direct result of combustion, fumes from machinery exhausts and also due to blasting. Therefore methane and hydrocarbons are produced in copious amounts. These present a potential risk of explosion and even displace the oxygen supply.

Fumes from blasting contain nitrogen and other hydrocarbons which lead to a depletion in the supply of oxygen. Therefore it is necessary to provide the adequate amount of ventilation. This should all be adhered to before the workers return back to the mine for work.

 Ventilation for mines

The primary ventilation for mines compromises of a series of ventilation circuits. On the other hand secondary ventilation refers to provision of ventilation to service facilities within the mine. It is necessary for the management to ensure proper ventilation for the mine. There should be a proper plan when it comes to proper positioning of air doors, stoppings, fans and regulators.

For a mine the main circuit is via flow through ventilation. The air enters the mine through shafts. It is then distributed through the entire mine with the help of raises and ramps. The flow of the air is controlled with the help of permanently mounted fans. Sometime fresh air is pushed into mines making use of mining exhaust technologies.

In order to provide proper ventilation it is necessary to have the sufficient volume of air in the mine. This is why electrical energy is used to work the bulk of fan present in the mine. It should be kept in id that the air should have no less than 19% oxygen and no more than 0.5% carbon di oxide.

Also the volume of air required to ventilate the mines should be decided by professional engineers. The minimum requirements sometimes are also outlined by the law and regulations committee. If the mount of ventilation is lower than the one mandated, it is up to the mining companies to ensure that the quality of air is up to stand by using different exhaust technologies.

In areas were the climate is temperate the ventilated air might at times need to be warmed before being circulated in the mine. This helps make the work atmosphere more hospitable for the miners. Sometimes ventilation is also required to cool the hot mine air. In either case the right mining exhaust technology is needed.