Eco Friendly Single Storey House Designs

Eco friendly houses or green living houses are the modern types of houses popular today. More and more people recognize the importance of a house that can last for long time, with less impact on the natural environment and can withstand harsh elements. When it says eco-friendly houses, it usually means energy efficient as well.

What Does Being Eco-Friendly Entail?

It means a home that can generate its own energy. With a few modifications and the use of specific type of materials, an energy efficient and eco-friendly home is possible. Now, if you are starting your dream home and are looking for available single storey house designs online, an eco-friendly house is great for you. All over the Internet, you will find plenty of eco-friendly single storey house designs available.

Comfortable, Exciting and Efficient

Many would like to share their ideas to help create an energy-efficient and eco-friendly house for you. Eco-friendly houses are amazing for their designs offer comfort and excitement to those who will live inside it. With using strategies and materials that help reduce your utility costs and energy consumption, it is not surprising how eco-friendly houses are in today.

Popular Eco-Friendly Single Storey House Designs Today

There are plenty of house designs available on the Internet if you take the time to look and search. Companies focused on sustainable buildings have thousands of them in their database. Advocates of eco-friendly living and minimalist lifestyles like to share their designs and ideas. On that note, if you want some ideas of eco-friendly single storey house designs, here they are:

Small but Beautiful Eco-Friendly Dwelling

You can turn a small, single storey house into eco-friendly dwelling with only minor renovations. What will you need? All you need are energy efficient lighting, Energy Star appliances and non-toxic furniture and fixtures. Even if your home is only less than 2, 500 square feet, you can maximize the space, keep it well ventilated and energy efficient with using the above mentioned utilities. Most eco-friendly single storey house designs do so.

Small Wood Cabin Built Off Site

If you love nature, especially the cool of the forests and mountains, then building a small wood cabin near one would be perfect for you. This does not have to be your house essentially. It could be just a vacation or retreat house to go to when you feel exhausted living in the city. Aside from being able to enjoy the landscape, you can benefit from the passive cooling and heating courtesy of staying off the grid, away from condensed houses.

Sustainable Modular Homes

Mobile homes are quite popular today. In the case that you do not like the idea of a moving house but you like its design, there are eco-friendly single storey house designs akin to it. Sustainable modular homes are popular today, houses that look like mobile homes that adopts energy-efficient concept. By energy-efficient, you can expect that such homes work well even off grid with its solar panels, ventilation and the natural lighting included in its design.

These are some of the best eco-friendly single storey house designs today. They are mostly small, situated in areas away from the crowd and use a variety of efficient utilities. With these house designs, expect you can reduce your utility bills and live in comfort both.