Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Industrial Air Compressors

The typical industrial air compression systems used by most companies can have a great impact upon the environment and of course, upon a company’s energy bills. For instance, average manufacturers fins that these systems account for 40 percent of their total power bill. Indeed, power consumption often takes about 80 percent of the overall budget to run industrial air compressors.

Naturally, finding ways to reduce power usage will help lower costs and contribute to lower emissions. Investments in greater efficiency can help you improve your profits and your public image.

How To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Industrial Air Compression Systems

These three suggestions can help make industrial air compressors cheaper to run and better for the environment:

1. Find Ways To Reuse Energy

Some companies have figured out how to maximize the utility they get for their energy consumption. For instance, air compression generates heat, but many facilities simply vent this heat back into the air. This can actually generate higher power costs if cooling costs get factored in. Smarter companies have used this byproduct as part of their water heating system, so they get to use any energy that they pay for twice.

2. Consider Changing Your Power Source

Does your industrial company rely upon electricity from the grid? If so, you might consider a long-term investment in your own source of solar, wind, or even geothermal power. You will need to invest in your new power system, but you can start cutting back your utility bills right away. In addition, you can use clean energy sources that will reduce emissions and help preserve the environment.

3. Maximize Efficiency

If your current air compression system is old or poorly maintained, you can bet that it will consume more energy than it should. Obviously, you should focus on keeping your systems maintained, so they can perform at least as well as they could when they were new. In the end, you will find that new industrial air compressors use less energy to get the same amount of work done. Since power consumption is such a big percentage of your total cost of running these systems, you might consider investing in new, energy-efficient systems in order to save money in the long run. As a result of less power consumption, you can also reduce the air compressors impact upon the environment.

Why Everybody Wins When You Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Industrial Air Compressors

Would it help your budget if you could reduce the power consumption of your industrial air compressors? In the long run, the things that you do to reduce power consumption and lessen the overall environmental impact of your air compressors will help your company cut costs and reduce emissions. That makes keeping your systems efficient, considering alternative power systems, and figuring out how to reuse energy great ideas for your business and for your community. These kinds of changes can help your company run more successfully and enhance its image with the public.